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Channel Evil 13th March 2013

Alexander Finbow - Sunday, January 06, 2013

When we first started this little, but fast growing, venture called Renegade Arts Entertainment (the discussion about our company name took many pub hours incidentally) the first comic title mooted by Alan Grant was a horror tale inspired by his personal experience with a malevolent presence in a floatation tank. Shane Oakley was keen to handle the art, bringing his unique vision to the story, and we were working with Ryan Brown to help me to navigate the treacherous waters of comic publication.

Jez Manson

We hit a few bumps in the road after the first issue came out in print, and decided to bring the next 3 issues out digitally only. Now after finding our way to becoming a better publisher, my way as an editor, and working out how I feel comfortable dealing with the obstacles thrown at a creators in comics, we are proud to announce that Channel Evil is coming to print on March 13th 2013. The soft cover book contains the four issues that make up the story, plus an entirely new strip written by Alan and illustrated by Matt Brooker aka D'Israeli. The strip is called 'An Evening with Ba'al' and brings the origin of this ancient storm god bang up to date. The book also features Shane's original covers, and the variant covers created by Frank Quitely, Mark Buckingham, D'Israeli, and Wayne Nichols, plus 8 pages of Shane's sketches and designs for the story.

Ba'al meet Jez, Jez meet Ba'al

Make no mistake, this a real horror story and not for the faint hearted. Alan and Shane have crafted a comic story that explores the dangers that may lurk just outside our realm of understanding, brought about by dabbling in arcane areas best left well alone.

Channel Evil hits comic book stores on March 13th, the code to give your favourite comic book store is: JAN131257 so that they definitely order a copy for you. Alternatively you can order direct from us (pre-orders welcome!) and we will be revealing several limited edition packages featuring badges, prints and original artwork from Shane himself. The details will be on our website later this week. Retailers interested in ordering directly from us should email us at contact@renegademail.com for more information.