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Panel of the week, Nov 30th

Alexander Finbow - Thursday, November 29, 2012
You lucky people.  Not one, but two panels again this week.  Well, it is getting near the holidays...

Both are from horror tome Channel Evil, and we're breaking the rules again by running Shane Oakley's cover for Issue 4, rather than a panel. But, hey, it's a pretty awesome cover.

Next we have this finely crafted panel fresh from the hands of D'Israeli.  Taken from the unreleased 16 page strip "An Evening With Ba'al" written by Alan and part of the collected Channel Evil book coming in March.  Here, Jaam accuses his brother, Ba'al of a most heinous crime, at the God's council, over a glass of immortal ale or two.


 Read the comic book for more, which is available digitally now. The collected book will be in stores March 13th. Please tell your local comic book store or independent book store to order it. Thank you and good night.