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Panels of the week 10th December

Alexander Finbow - Monday, December 10, 2012

Did you see what I did there? Makes sense as I like to put up more than one panel each week generally.

First up is this (do not use the word 'explosive') flashpoint panel, or three really, from Necromantic issue 1. Pencil and inks provided by new Renegade recruit Dave Ross, colours by another welcome newcomer Chris Chuckry. Script duties by Lovern Kindzierski, not so much a newcomer, more like a firmly established part of the Renegade furniture. Necromantic 'explodes' late in 2013. Sorry, couldn't resist it...

Next up is a panel from Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby's Robbie Burns Witch Hunter, with artwork by one of the latest creators to swell the Renegade ranks, Tiernen Trevallion. Depicting a a crucial moment in the fundamental development of the great poet, captured here receiving just the right amount of creative inspiration from an ardent admirer of Mr Burn's work.

We're hoping to have this original graphic novel ready for you later in 2013. There you go, two panels, and there'll be more soon.