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The 13 Days of Spinechillers - Day 12.............

Alexander Finbow - Saturday, January 22, 2011
The penultimate day of our grand event is upon us, and with it is the story that kicked off the reanimated Egyptian sub horror genre.

We've followed the ancient scrolls to a long forgotten site. Dug deep to reveal the hidden temple and opened the creaking casket to release Arthur Conan Doyle's tale Lot No. 249.

It's a cracking yarn of dark revenge meted out from beyond the grave by the most unlikely of miscreants. Here's what the story's narrator, Doug Bradley, has to say about it:

'Lot 249 is a very long story! Certainly the longest we’ve included in the Spinechiller series so far. Like the previous Conan Doyle story we recorded, The Ring Of Thoth, it takes its inspiration from the mummies of Ancient Egypt and, like Ring Of Thoth, it is often cited as an influence on Universal’s movie The Mummy, starring Boris Karloff. Whereas the mummy in Ring of Thoth was the centre of a poignant, timeless love story, the mummy in Lot 249 has quite different passions stirring in its dusty breast. And poignant they ain’t. It is a landmark story in that it appears to be the first time that such malign intentions were attached to the figure of the mummy. To that extent this story seems a more likely candidate if we’re looking for influences on 20th century horror cinema.

I’d like to tell you definitively at this point exactly when the story was published, but I’m an actor, not a literary expert and that might alternatively be 1892 or 1919. I’ll be honest. I don’t know and the more I look for the answer, the more confused I get. I hope the absence of that information won’t spoil your enjoyment of the story.'

Part 1 is 42 minutes long and is digging up towards you here. The concluding Part 2 is 40 minutes long and is awaiting your arrival here.

There are clips from each each story to listen to now, so you can hear Doug's reassuring voice instantly.

The audiobook is a high quality 320kbps MP3 file which includes the cover artwork by Dan Woods. We recorded at the Audio Workshop in London. Joseph Degnan was the recording engineer. Music and sound design was composed by Tim Despic and James E Barker at Verneration Music. This audiobook will open just fine in itunes, windows media player or any other type of MP3 player you prefer to use.

We hope you enjoy this audiobook. Drop in tomorrow for the final day of The 13 Days of Spinechillers when we'll release a well known masterpiece by a much loved author of classic horror for your listening pleasure.