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Sean Tonelli - Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We love Edmonton! There is a reason why it’s the capital of Alberta (sorry Calgary!). Over the past couple years, the art scene in the YEG has practically EXPLODED! That’s why Renegade will be taking over the EDMONTON COMIC AND ENTERTAINMENT EXPO in full force!

You can find us all weekend in the Vendor section at booth 1555. Alexander Finbow & Jeff Martin will be holding the fort (and working on his bear drawings). Be sure to stop by.

When Big Bears Invade artist and all around nice guy, Nyco Rudolph, will be in Artist Alley at booth Q11-12. He has plenty of fresh prints in stock.

Underworld artist GMB Chomichuk, also in Artist Alley can be found at I05-06 (that’s an ‘I’ as in EYE)

We are pleased to welcome Spencer Estabrooks to our ever growing stable of creators. Catch the Sharkasuarus creator at booth 1611.

And what kind of expo would it be without some PANELS? Don’t miss these:


15:45 MT- ROOM 109 Hulks & Hogans: Why Comics and Professional Wrestling Just Can't Quit Each Other

Are professional wrestlers superheroes come to life? What's the connection between comics & wrestling - and why are so many comics fans also wrestling fans, and vice versa? Step into the ring with our panel of local comic talent to find out!

Panelists: Malory Lyness, Joey Gruszecki, Jeff Martin, Sylvia Douglas, Ryan Ferrier


17:45 MT- ROOM 102/103 Screening of Sharkasaurus:

“Sharkasaurus; the ultimate showdown betweeen a creationist, a palaeontologist and Sharkasaurus. What could possibly go wrong. Only the bones know. Join us for this epic short film screening and all the jaws tremors mashup action you could possibly want.”


15:15 MT- Room 104 Whose Script is it Anyway?

It's Whose Line is it Anyway? meets unproduced movie scripts! Scenes from Nic Cage's Superman Lives, James Cameron's Spider Man, and more! Performed by members of We Talk Comics, special guests, and you, the audience.

Panelists: Brett Monro, Mo Kristiansen