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To Better Know a Renegade: Spencer Estabrooks

Sean Tonelli - Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Remember that scene in Hudson Hawk when Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello robbed a museum while singing Bing Crosby? How cool was that? Mid-nineties Bruce Willis is my favourite. Anyway, welcome to another off the hook installment of… (drum roll)...

To Better Know a Renegade!  Featuring Spencer Estabrooks, an Alberta writer and film director. With a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies at the University of Alberta and a diploma in film production at the Victoria Motion Picture School, Spencer focuses on telling Alberta genre stories. His #OGN Sharkasaurus debuts April 23rd, 2018 at Renegade. So be sure to mark the date in your new fangled Apple Calendar. Go ahead… I’ll wait...

Sean: How did you get started as an artist?

Spencer: I have a background in film. I've always been writing and directing crazy genre stories. Everything from a zombie westerns to sword and sorcery mockumentaries. I've been really inspired by comics lately. I feel they can give me the freedom to really explore some of the stranger and more eccentric ideas that have been rattling around in my brain.

Sean: Who-- Whom?-- No, WHO are some of your inspirations?

Spencer: I get inspired by other writers like Tim Powers, Ed Erdelac, Neil Gaiman, and Jonathan Lethem. Films by Sam Rami, Guillermo Del Toro, and early Peter Jackson are also big influences. Comics, I tend to like Sergio Aragones and Alan Moore. I think anyone that is telling a good story with and interesting historical/fantastical/magical twist.

Sean: What are some secrets to your creative process?

Spencer: Trying to write everyday. It's hard if you're working a 9-5 job because nobody wants to work after working. So I started writing regularly before work. About an hour everyday, but it adds up over a week. Then over a month. It's fantastic, the progress you can make.

Sean: Any upcoming projects that you would like to tell readers about?

Spencer: The big one is Sharkasaurus. My first graphic novel. It's a great little beastie for the Trump era full of crazy kills, flat earth's, and set on a creationist themed golf course.

Sean: What are some of your favourite tools for being so creatively awesome?

Spencer: Coffee is my number 1 favourite tool for work.

Sean: Advice for up and comers/bitter rivals?

Spencer: Keep working and focus on finishing. Finishing projects is the best way to stay motivated, build momentum.

You can find more of Spencer’s work HERE. Sharkasaurus arrives 2018-04-23 so save the date!