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Physical Tactile Tangible

Alexander Finbow - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

For some people it is all about digital, immediate delivery, no need to digitise anything or find somewhere to store it. I like digital sometimes too, for example when I've just seen a great movie and loved the soundtrack I'll download the album straight from itunes, often before getting back to the car. But, I still prefer picking up a cd when I can, when my patience allows me. There is still something about the physical object that appeals, the artwork, design and the usually higher quality sound over a more compressed mp3. If you still like to own physical objects then today's delivery at our Mountain Lair may well appeal. 

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Alexander Finbow - Friday, March 21, 2014

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is a month away and we're gearing up for another great show. One of the exciting new additions we'll have this year, is a custom designed display set up for the complete Doug Bradley's Spinechillers audiobook series. Created by Travis Shewchuk of Ravenous FX in Edmonton, the stand is designed to house the entire audiobook and movie collection whilst catching the eye of fans visiting the convention. Check out these work in progress photos Travis sent over. 

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And then this happened

Alexander Finbow - Saturday, March 15, 2014

Right now we're in the final stages of preparing the Shame Redemption collectors comic, the follow up Shades of Grey comic - 24 Days in Rio, and sending Doug Bradley's Spinechillers volumes 11-13 off for manufacturing. Travis at Ravenous FX is putting together the unreal Spinechiller convention displays, whilst PJ Holden sent over 22 pages of lovely inked Dept. of Monsterology pages, and Tiernen Trevallion offered up 12 pages of gorgeous inked Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter artwork. It's been a busy week and should continue at the same frenetic pace all the way through to the Calgary Expo on April 24th. Here's an artist's impression of what's happening right now. 

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The complete Spinechillers

Alexander Finbow - Friday, January 31, 2014
It's here! Doug Bradley's Spinechillers volume 13 is now available for download. This, final volume in our first series of audiobooks, delivers two of our favourite stories, as well as concluding HP Lovecraft's Herbert West: Reanimator serial.  

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Polar Vortex ate my chips

Alexander Finbow - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Or fries, depends on your heritage really. With a painted blue sky above our Mountain Lair, the bears waking up, and bird song filling the air, you'd forgive us for thinking it was spring already. The winter is hanging out east but over in the west we are turning down the heat and wondering which pallet of books our bikes are buried under.  

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