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Two decades have passed since the heyday of cartridge-based 16-Bit Video Games came and went. AxeMan, the titular selectable character of sidescroller, AxeMan: The Raiders' Chronicles, is left in a spiritual limbo; aimlessly seeking out any thrill that could lift him from his boredom-induced funk.

After years of hoping for adventure, AxeMan finds out the hard way what it truly means to be careful what you wish for, when a raging storm of fierce pixels begins to tear its way through his World, launching him and his fellow selectable characters in to a race against time to save his World. 

Mark Allard-Will is the British-born Canadian Writer, best known for his work on the Canadiana comedy Comic series of Saskatch-A-Man and SaskatchAvengers, alongside the metafiction Graphic Novel, Årkade. You can find more of his work HERE

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When Big Bears Invade covered by CBC Radio's The Homestretch

Anna Logan, CBC Radio

'Every page is absolutely gorgeous.'

David, Geek-O-Rama

'At its surface, When Big Bears Invade is simply a fun-filled read [...] however, burbling away beneath the humour is an ethical and environmental story.'

Rob Alexander, Rocky Mountain Outlook

'[A] twisted tribute to Canadiana.'

Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald

'When Big Bears Invade is great for all ages. Plus, it's simply a super fun book. And what better year to have a book like this launch, than during Canada's 150th birthday.' Also catch an interview with illustrator Nyco Rudolph!

Chris Doucher, Geek Nerd Net

'Thanks to lighthearted poems by Finbow and rewarding, detailed art by Rudolph, it’s funnier than it may sound, and there’s a story with a twist, too. A guilty pleasure for disaster movie fans.'

Mike Donachie, Toronto Star

Global News Winnipeg

'Giant bears rampage through Calgary and other Canadian cities'

Aaron Chaha, Metro News Calgary

Tune in to author Alexander Finbow and illustrator Nyco Rudolph's live reading of When Big Bears Invade on Mountain FM

Mountain FM

Writer Alexander Finbow interviewed at the Calgary Expo by Geek Nerd Net

Chris Doucher,Geek Nerd Net


Kevin Skinner, Fox Force Five News

McNally Robinson's Winnipeg book launch here

McNally Robinson

Coverage from the official Toronto Comic Arts Festival's website

TCAF 2017