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Passionate about Comics with stories that need to be told

Publishing Strategy

We publish comic books, but only a few and we are very discerning on our choices. The mix so far has been from experienced A list writers and artists and newer blood who pitched projects just too good to turn down.

Some of our projects have come from within Renegade itself, like Alan Grant' and Shane Oakley's Channel Evil and Alexander Finbow and William Simpson's Shades Of Grey. These are projects that our creators are passionate about and all of us at Renegade believe are of the highest quality.

What's on the radar

Other projects have been pitched to us, via email, at conventions, even at the bar. Almost every single one has been turned down.

However a select few have been just too exciting, too brilliant to turn down.

One of those is from masters of their craft Lovern Kindzierski, John Bolton, and Todd Klein. It is the trilogy Shame.

A second is the brilliantly inventive Dept. of Monsterology from Gordon Rennie, PJ Holden, Steven Denton and Jim Campbell. Their tale of explorations into the dark corners of our world was another story just too good to ignore.

There will be more comic books to follow, in print and in digital. And we will continue to only publish the stories that truly convince us they need to be told.