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Arctic Comics
Arctic ComicsArctic ComicsArctic ComicsArctic Comics
Arctic ComicsArctic ComicsArctic Comics

Arctic Comics
88 page, hardback comic anthology

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    Arctic Comics, the anthology of 5 comic book tales of myth, adventure, and humour written and drawn by Inuit and northern Canadian comic creators. Stories include On Waiting, award-winning Inuit author Michael Kusugak (Baseball Bats for Christmas, The Shaman) and landscape artist Susan Thurston Shirley's tale of a poignant and poetic episode from his early life at the edge of the world. Jose Kusugak and Germaine Arnaktauyok recount one of many magical adventures of Kiviuq, the ‘first man’ of Inuit legend in Kiviuq vs Big Bee. Winnipeg writer, Nicholas Burns, presents three stories, Blizzard House, with Winnipeg artist George Freeman, a science fiction adventure about a teenage couple trapped between futuristic visions of the arctic that are doing battle around them. The Great Slo-Pitch Massacre a humourous tale of young love gone wrong during a municipal slo-pitch tournament. Yes, slo-pitch is played in the Arctic. Film Nord, Nicholas' third story is a farcical detective story starring an Inuktitut RCMP officer. When someone is murdered on an Arctic movie set, Constable Puqittuq and her loyal dog must solve the bizarre crime. 

Featuring stories by Inuit writers and artists, as well as Northern Canadian comic creators

Includes stories by Michael Kusugak, Germaine Arnatauyok, Nicholas Burns, and Lovern Kindzierski

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Redcoats-ish Jeff Martin’s War of 1812 collects the complete 101 comic strip run of our weekly web-comic featuring the misadventures of John and George, two not so fearless men of the Canadian militia. Heeding the call to defend Canada against the invading American army, John and George are now doing their best to be heroes, whilst also working hard to avoid battles, marching, danger or anything else that involves effort. This a good fun read for anyone looking for War of 1812 adventures that make you chuckle.

Jeff has written a comprehensive teaching guide for social studies teachers looking to use Redcoats-ish in their classroom. Download the pdf for free by clicking this link.

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The Loxleys and Confederation - Graphic Novel

The Loxleys and Confederation - Graphic Novel


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Artists: Claude St. Aubin, Christopher Chuckry
Letterer: Todd Klein
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