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13 Days of Spinechillers Day 4 - The Body Snatcher

Alexander Finbow - Saturday, January 15, 2011
It's Saturday! And not just any old Saturday, it's the Saturday that marks Day 4 of The 13 Days of Spinechillers and the release of a new Doug Bradley's Spinechillers story to download.

Today's tale of classic horror is from one of Doug's favourite authors, the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson. His story is based on real events that have recently been adapted into a movie starring Simon Pegg, and a graphic novel called Burke and Hare. Our story for today is The Body Snatcher.

Written in 1881 and originally intended to be part of Stevenson's tales of terror collection entitled The Black Man and other Tales, The Body Snatcher was rejected for being too disgusting and lurid. It saw print in 1884 finally with a warning from Stevenson that his story is:

"Blood-curdling enough and ugly enough to chill the blood of a Grenadier".

Make your own mind up as you listen to our production. Doug reads this tale with his usual confident and note perfect performance enhanced by his affection and research into Stevenson and his work.

This download is in two parts, the first running to 24 minutes, the second to 27 minutes. Music and sound design is by Alistair Lock and the file is a 320kbps MP3 which includes the cover artwork by Dan Woods. We recorded at the Audio Workshop Studios in London and Joseph Degnan was the recording engineer.

During The 13 Days of Spinechillers event the downloads are available at only 99 cent each.

You will find the Fantastic Part 1 is here, and the compelling Part 2 here. We hope you enjoy this Spinechiller, and join us tomorrow as we unveil what we have in store for you on Day 5.