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75 thousand fans

Alexander Finbow - Monday, April 21, 2014
Or even as many as 80,000 fans are expected at this years Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

running April 24th-April 27th. Renegade will have a warm and welcoming base camp set up across booth numbers 1222-1322, the perfect place to discover our stories.

At the booth will be writer and publisher Alexander Finbow, with freshly printed copies of the second Shades of Grey comic 24 Days in Rio, illustrated by William Simpson. He'll be signing copies (for free, like all creators at our booth) and will have exclusive prints and buttons too. 

In his guise as producer of the Doug Bradley's Spinechillers audiobooks, Alexander will have the complete 13 volumes series available for the first time. Look out for the life-size Pinhead statues at our booth created by Ravenous FX. If you haven't heard the definitive readings of some of the greatest stories ever told, you really should take this opportunity to discover Spinechillers.

Joining Alexander will be Edmonton based cartoonist Jeff Martin, who pens the popular Jeff Martin's War of 1812 webcomic as well as creating hockey meets armageddon comic Hockeypocalypse. Jeff will have prints, comics and will also be sketching at the booth.

Greg GMB Chomichuk will also be joining us, with artwork from his upcoming graphic novel for Renegade Underworld, written by Lovern Kindzierski, as well as from his other graphic novels and assignments.


New stories for Calgary Expo this year include Tales of the Buddha from Alan Grant, Jon Haward and Jamie Grant, as they look at what might have happened if Buddha had taken a break from the path of enlightenment to experience a few of life's more hedonistic opportunities. Read the first page, if it makes you laugh, you'll like this book. Also available will be an exclusive strip featuring Buddha's first meeting with the arch nemesis of a certain well known Time traveller, our first awesome fridge magnet, and secret button, or badge if you're reading this in the UK. Button, badge, pin, they're all the same thing!


Read the first two books in the Shame trilogy? Want to read more before the final book is released next year? Then you'll want to get your hands on one of the 1,000 Shame Redemption Collectors comics, which also features an in-depth interview with John and Lovern as well as a look at John's art process. New Shame buttons are joining the collection of popular prints and playing cards too.


Making it's Calgary debut is the complete first series of Gordon Rennie and PJ Holden's Dept. of Monsterology, which follows the department's teams as they investigate the dark, forgotten places in our world. Places where creatures, monsters and even worse lurk. Garnering fantastic reviews, Dept. of Monsterology is gearing up for the second series already, and we'll have the four issues, exclusive trading cards and buttons at the booth too.

Returning in a new form is our best-selling book The Loxleys and the War of 1812, now in a new 2nd edition featuring 30 pages of updated artwork. Continuing to bring new readers to comic books and to Canadian history, the Loxleys will soon be joined by the follow up graphic novel The Loxleys and Confederation. Buttons, prints and playing cards will be available too.


Joining us at the booth this year will be Emily and Mike, who will both be able to help you discover the right Renegade story or gift to make your weekend complete. They will be in great costumes too, though rumours that Mike will be dressed as Saga's Lying Cat can not be confirmed or denied at this time. Remember too, that if you are interested in the business side of publishing comics you should come and join us and Kill Shakespeare's Conor McCreery at the 'Get Published or Die Trying' panel on Sunday, 1pm in Palomino Room E.

Oh, did we mention we now have 32 flavours of awesome buttons?


We've really enjoyed meeting Renegade readers at the Calgary shows in the past and hope to see familiar faces as well as make new friends this year. See you there!