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Ben Rankel's FRANK Finds its Way Home

Sean Tonelli - Monday, April 16, 2018


A lost love, a murder and a mountain that walks.

An original graphic novel available in hardcover this May

Hardcover, 112 pages Price $25 CAD ISBN: 9781987825503, Diamond code: MAR181859

In comic and book shops Wednesday, May 23th. More information at our Website.

Written and drawn by Albertan, Ben Rankel, Frank is a historical mystery set in the tragedy of the Frank Slide, one of Canada’s deadliest disasters.

1903, Eve Lee is in a self-destructive spiral—her big plans for a new life in Frank have not at all turned out how she had planned. As Eve hits the bottom she’s forced to confront her expectations when her former lover disappears under questionable circumstances. But is there something sinister at play or is she simply being obsessive and self-centered? And will she be able to put her past behind her before she finds herself buried under it?

Frank is Ben Rankel’s first original graphic novel and his first project with Renegade.

Quotes from Ben Rankel: “The stories we get to consume as Canadians and as Albertans are often shaped and set by events and locations far beyond our range. My hope is that this simple story, like the Town of Frank for me, will inspire someone else to look around their home. To find right next door what I found as a kid, a fertile soil in which to plant the seed of a story.”

“The core plot is a murder-mystery that weaves itself into real-life historical events as a backdrop. The main character’s name is Eve. She’s finds herself in Frank, a bright, new and booming town but her reasons for moving there may not be the best; she followed a relationship and things went south. She can’t let go of her former flame and while she’s dealing with the emotional fallout, he goes missing. Eve takes it upon herself to figure out if something sinister has befallen him. At the same time the story engages the historical elements going on at the mines, highlighting some of the red flags which hinted at the disaster to come. The story finds those red flags ignored, for all the usual reasons.” 

Ben Rankel is a comic book artist & writer Notable comics credits include two Rat Queens shorts: GARY (Image Comics) and The Absent King (Comixology), as well as Faulty Pump (Fight! Comics/Comixology). His comics, illustration and design work for Sidney York’s 2015 album <3s (HEARTS) was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award. His comic work has also appeared in Avenue Magazine, GrainsWest Magazine and has been shown at the Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle. Ben lives in Calgary, Alberta with his partner Fiona and their cat, Kupo.

RENEGADE’S ARTS ENTERTAINMENT’s mission is to bring stories to life that we are passionate about and believe others will be too. Operated from a secret Mountain Lair in Canmore Alberta.

Advanced praise for FRANK:

“Ben Rankel’s FRANK is a timeless tale of money, murder and Mother

Nature, powerfully told and vibrantly illustrated. Highly recommended for

all fans of historical dramas.”

  • Brian K. Vaughan (author - Saga, Paper Girls)

“With FRANK, Rankel strips away the stuffiness of most historical fiction

and delivers a compelling mystery full of engaging characters, set against

the days leading up to the Turtle Mountain slide that buried the mining

town. A must read for history, mystery and comic buffs!”

-Troy Nixey (Vinegar Teeth, The Black Sinister, Trout)