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The 13 Days of Spinechillers Day 9 - HP Lovecraft's The Terrible Old Man read by Robert Englund

Alexander Finbow - Wednesday, January 19, 2011
It's Day 9 and we're breaking the rules. Since we launched The 13 Days of Spinechillers we've had a huge increase in visitors to our website and I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a gem of a story that quietly slipped into our download store a little while ago.

So today's tale is a short sharp shocker from HP Lovecraft entitled The Terrible Old Man and it is read by Doug's friend, colleague and a horror movie superstar in his own right, the original Freddie Krueger, Mr Robert Englund.

Robert is also a master storyteller and does a superlative performance with his reading of Lovecraft's words.

This story follows three would be robbers as they break into the home of an elderly gentleman. An easy job on first inspection, except this particular old man has rather more power, and not all of it natural, than the thieves expect. It's a short, sharp, shocker of a tale with Lovecraft introducing us to a character that will reappear in another of his tales 'The Strange High House in the Mist'

We hope you enjoy Robert's interpretation of this story.

It is 10 minutes long and can be discovered here.

The audiobook is a high quality 320kbps MP3 file which includes the cover artwork by Dan Woods. We recorded at the Sound Asylum Studios in Santa Ana, California. Mike Troolines was the recording engineer. The audiobook will open just fine in itunes, windows media player or any other type of MP3 player you prefer to use.

We hope you enjoy this audiobook and. Seek us out tomorrow for Day 10 of The 13 Days of Spinechillers when we'll give birth to a new story by a master of classic horror.