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The Word on the Street...

Sean Tonelli - Wednesday, June 20, 2018

See what others are saying about the amazing work our creators are making:

Ben Rankel
ISBN: 9781987825503
Price: $25.00
Available Now

"Frank is a gripping tale of mystery and murder" - Geek.com

Frank was also the featured book in the Calgary Herald's advance feature for the Panel One Comic Creator Festival in Calgary.


Spencer Estabrooks and Jethro Morales
ISBN: 9781988903323
Price: $19.99

Rocky Mountain Outlook newspaper covered us in the Culture section cover page and full page article and interview with Spencer.

'And, like any good horror story, no one is safe from a horrible end. All the members of the Elderly Atheist Choir, for example, meet their end with a swipe of Sharkasaurus’s spike-covered tail, while two creationist golfers are eaten with one great “gulumph!” But tucked in among the copious amount of gore and all that death is a sharp, intelligent and funny story. Alberta’s Badlands can proudly step up and put itself among all those other places across the world that have ever been attacked by a giant monster, be it Tokyo, New York or London.'
Review at We Talk Comics
Rating – Very Fine
'A fun concept that is worth the read.'


Lovern Kindzierski and John Bolton
ISBN: 9781987825480
Price: $14.99

Canadian Materials review Volume XXIV Number 38 'Recommended'
Hope is a book for fans of graphic novels who enjoy the fantasy genre. Would it appeal to female readers? I don’t know, but I am pretty certain that guys would enjoy the gore of the fight scenes, not to mention Shame’s sexy costumes and Hope’s luminous beauty. This is a story in which it’s obvious who is on the side of good and who is not, but it is sophisticated in its telling and not for an unskilled reader. If you acquire it for your high school library’s graphic novel collection, read it first. It would be wise to have a rationale prepared for potential challenge because there’s bound to be a staff member, parent, or even a student who will see some of the drawings, beautifully rendered though they may be.'

Look Straight Ahead
Elaine M. Will
ISBN: 9781988903347
Price: $19.99
Canadian Materials review Volume XXIV Number 33 'Recommended'
'This unabashed look at mental health from the perspective of a teenager in the throes of illness is very moving and inspiring in its authenticity and hopeful conclusion. The graphic novel comic format makes this sensitive topic accessible to all and showcases Will's incredible artistic talent. The mirroring of the illustrations to Jeremy's state of mind is an inspired touch. Recommended by the Canadian Mental Health Association in Saskatchewan, Look Straight Ahead is an important and timely work that may very well become a classic in the graphic novel genre.'
Inner You Counselling recommended as part of their mental health graphic novels list
Their list is strong and useful for curating book store, school and library lists.

Upcoming events:

Shelf Life Books, Calgary, running an event on July 5th at 7pm. Discussion with Ben and signing session.