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William Simpson Presents VMT, a new comic book series from Renegade

Alexander Finbow - Tuesday, January 25, 2011
One of the exciting comic book projects we're releasing this year is born of the mind and imagination of long time collaborator William Simpson. During his visit to the Mountain Lair in 2010, William outlined his vision, and existing artwork, for a new vampire series that he had conceived, marking a return to the genre he enjoyed working in so much at Vertigo with Elaine Lee on Vamps.

William's vision treats vampire's as the full on blood thirsty killers we've come to love, rather than the friendly sparkly critters available elsewhere, and if the first issue of VMT is anything to go by, these killers are taking no prisoners.

William is writing the series as well as creating the artwork with Lovern Kindzierski on colour duty.

To whet your appetite here's the first page from issue 1 'Every Night Sucks'. It's a work in progress but looks pretty awesome in my opinion.

Click on the image of Sun to see what she gets up to on page 2 uploaded to our Facebook page.

We'll give you more info on VMT as we build up to its release.