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A place where creator voices can be heard

Renegade arts & entertainment presents: voices

Creating a comic is a wonderful, exhilarating experience yet if often a grueling process. We understand the difficulties which is why we are proud to present VOICES.

What is VOICES you may ask? VOICES is a curated list of comics we have personally selected to be featured on our page. These comics will be available to readers under a "pay what you want" model with 100% of the proceeds going to that creative team.

These digital tales will not only give you a chance to support artists directly, but give you access to works you may not have seen otherwise.

We hope you enjoy these comics and we hope you take comfort in knowing that, because of you, a creator can keep on creating. 

How to submit

We are looking for creators and stories that align with our values. Our mission is to present to readers stories that we are passionate about and believe others will be too.

If you feel your work is a great fit for our VOICES page, then please feel free to submit a PDF of your selected work to the e-mail below. Please keep in mind that we will not be able to select all submissions and we appreciate your patience while we review your work.

Please send submissions to: sean@renegademail.com